Human Coffee Network vision is very simple: source great coffee directly from farmers and pay them appropriately for their work, so their quality of life improves. When it comes to roasting, we carefully try to do the coffee justice with our roast profiles. The most important factor is that our customers enjoy every coffee that we bring out for the month. 

Human Coffee Network focused on sourcing coffee directly from farmers who maintain sustainable practices. Some of our farming partners are subsistence farmers who produce small quantities with the limited resources that they have. They work together in order to process, package and export their coffee. We educate them and provide as much feedback or resources as possible to help them improve the quality. The prices paid are higher than Fairtrade market prices and we import the product ourselves. 


The team has a long history in the coffee industry, from cafés to roasting and supply chain management. Many farms have been visited and tons of coffee have been roasted. We wanted to bring coffees from all over the world directly to our customers. That’s it plain and simple. 

Our Team: 

It is not in our interest to give attention to ourselves, but the farmers. You will learn about the farmers on our website or with every shipment you receive.